Learning by Listening

December 31, 2005

Do you think listening to some of the greatest speeches ever made would help you when you need to make a presentation or speech? Or, listen for inspiration and gain a sense of history.

Visit the Top 100 Speeches link at American Rhetoric’s web site and make your choice. In addition to Top 100 Speeches, you can learn from Rhetorical Figures in Sound, access a large database of full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, and so on. This site is an extraordinary resource!


Do you know how to make a vertical selection in Word?

Here’s an example … if the list below were in a Word document, could you select only the names, not the cities and states. Perhaps you want to apply bold formatting to the names. Can you use the mouse and sweep down and across only the names? Yes, you can do it! Read the rest of this entry »

Objects, images, shapes, etc. can be manipulated many ways in PowerPoint (you can apply this lesson to objects in Word and Excel as well.) You can easily change the way objects are “ordered”, i.e., stacked on top of or behind one another. Read the rest of this entry »

A Bucket of Undos

December 18, 2005

Not that you or I ever make a mistake or have to use the Undo feature in PowerPoint … but just in case … you should know how to increase the number of “Undos” PowerPoint is willing to do (or undo?) for you. Read the rest of this entry »

A Clean Desktop!

December 15, 2005

Sometimes you need a clean desktop. I’m referring to your Windows desktop (although many of us like a clean work space as well!)

I present fairly often, using my laptop, and may not want my audience to view all the icons and shortcuts on my desktop. Or perhaps you need to take a screen shot and the desktop will be behind several dialog boxes. The screen shot would be very cluttered if it included all the desktop icons.

So … a quick way to clear the Windows desktop is needed. Right-click an empty spot (there is an empty spot, right?) on the desktop. On the shortcut menu, choose Arrange Icons By, then uncheck Show Desktop Items. Wait a few seconds … the desktop clears of icons and shortcuts. Neat! Reverse to reveal your icons.

  • From the January 2006 issue of PC World magazine, written by Andrew Brandt, and posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 — Privacy Watch: More Criminals Use Keystroke Loggers
    A computer security firm reports that the array of software programs that cybercrooks use to record every character a user types has grown significantly in recent months.