Stack ’em up – ordering objects in PowerPoint

December 20, 2005

Objects, images, shapes, etc. can be manipulated many ways in PowerPoint (you can apply this lesson to objects in Word and Excel as well.) You can easily change the way objects are “ordered”, i.e., stacked on top of or behind one another.

Try this – use the Oval or Rectangle button on the Drawing toolbar and draw a few shapes, overlapping them a bit. Or insert a piece of clipart and then draw a shape over the clipart. Right-click the shape you want to be in the background, and choose Order from the shortcut menu. A fly-out menu appears, offering the following choices: Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring Forward, Send Backward. Make your choice and move on to more exciting activities.

  • Bring to Front means push the shape all the way to the front of the stack;
    • Send to Back means send the shape all the way to the back of the stack (no matter how many objects are piled on top of one another!)
    • Bring Forward means move the object forward one layer;
    • Send Backward means send the object one layer backward.

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