Thank you muchly, Stephen Nipper of Boise, Idaho! Read his kind words at The Invent Blog – on March 28th he included Tips, Tricks, and Techy Tidbits on his list of blogs to keep. We're in special company – he also included the most excellent PDF for Lawyers and Adrianna Linares' I Heart Tech.

Stephen is a Registered Patent Attorney with Dykas, Shaver & Nipper, LLP and if his name is familiar to you it may be from his TechnoLawyer IP Memes column. Check out his post for his list of keeper-blogs and links to his thoughts on using "probation folders" to trim down the RSS overload.


We all organize our e-mail differently, because we all work differently and have different needs. BUT! A common complaint is “My Inbox is overflowing!” and a common request is “Organize me!” This post introduces you to using rules to organize e-mail into folders rather than letting it all flow into your Inbox.

I’d like to suggest if you organize your e-mail into folders and sub-folders (especially if you use rules to move incoming e-mail into folders) you create search folders that show you your unread personal e-mail, unread business e-mail, and unread subscriptions and newsletters.

Here’s an example … looking at the screen capture below, we see that right now I have 15 messages in my Inbox, none of which are unread. I have custom Search folders that examine Client-Contact folders, and I can see there is no unread mail there. Likewise, other custom search folders display the embarrassing truth that I have 681 unread newsletters (I’m a newsletter junkie and way behind on spring cleaning) and 7 unread personal e-mails. Because I rely heavily on rules to keep my Inbox clear, these custom search folders ensure I don’t miss any new client or new contact e-mails. Stay tuned for Part II of this post where we learn how to create these custom search folders!

Rather than wade through a full inbox, why not create rules that automatically move incoming e-mails into a folder, for your review at a convenient time?

The biggest objection to this is … if new e-mail isn’t in your Inbox, won’t you have to waste a lot of time clicking through folders, looking for important new mail? No … you can also learn to create search folders so you can quickly see where new e-mail is, so you don’t have to worry about looking through the folders. Read the rest of this entry »

Too much time at your desk can mean tight shoulders, stiff neck, and achey back.  Not to mention too much work makes Jill a dull girl!  I can understand hours spent at one’s desk, sometimes with nary a break.  If you can squeeze in a 5 minute stretch break, you’ll find your thoughts clear and maybe that sore spot mid-back will ease up.  Herewith, from Yoga Journal online, a set of six stretches you can do at your desk, explained easily (if I can do them without re-reading the instructions, you can too!)  Enjoy!

A client recently had problems with a Word 2003 document containing tracked changes. The problems were such that I suspected general corruption of the document. One remedy in this situation is to copy everything except the last paragraph mark – which is where the corruption may reside – and paste into a new, blank document.

But – remember – the document contained tracked changes. A simple copy/paste will not preserve the tracking. What to do? SPIKE! Spike, you ask? What the heck is spike? Read the rest of this entry »

Quick method for selecting everything except the last paragraph mark in a Word document for those of you handy with a keyboard … [Why would you want to do this?] Read the rest of this entry »

Yes, right, I hear your groans. You must become better acquainted with Word in order to exert your own influence on the Word-beast. Keep reading my blog and you’ll soon acquire an arsenal of tips that’ll help you prevail.

How often do you copy text from one document to another (all the time?) After you paste, does some formatting change? Yes? All the time? Often enough to be annoying?

And how often have you dismissed a pesky little button that pops up next to the pasted text? It looks like this:Paste Button 1 This is the Paste Options button – your chance to be the boss!

Hover the mouse pointer over the button, notice a change in appearance and a drop-down arrow?

paste_button2.png Read the rest of this entry »