Centering a Title Above Your Excel Spreadsheet

March 10, 2006

Have you ever struggled with centering a title above an Excel spreadsheet?

Creative approaches abound – typing extra spaces in front of the title to “push” it over, dragging a text box until it seems to be centered above the spreadsheet, etc. Creative, yes. Time consuming, YES! Practical, NO! Once you widen or narrow some columns, that title you so carefully forced to “center” above the spreadsheet will be awry.

Here’s the real deal …
Let’s say your spreadsheet occupies columns A through D, and the data starts in cell A3.

  1. Type the title in cell A1, do not align cell A1 [don’t use the center, left, or right alignment buttons.]
  2. Select A1 through D1 [you are selecting the cells that stretch across the width of your spreadsheet.]
  3. Click the Merge and Center button mergeandcenter.png on the Formatting toolbar. [This button merges the cells you’ve selected (A1 through D1 in our example) and applies center alignment. Now, no matter if you widen or narrow columns, or insert columns into your spreadsheet (between columns A and D), the title will stay centered.]

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