You’re the boss – pasting formatting (or not) – MS Word

March 10, 2006

Yes, right, I hear your groans. You must become better acquainted with Word in order to exert your own influence on the Word-beast. Keep reading my blog and you’ll soon acquire an arsenal of tips that’ll help you prevail.

How often do you copy text from one document to another (all the time?) After you paste, does some formatting change? Yes? All the time? Often enough to be annoying?

And how often have you dismissed a pesky little button that pops up next to the pasted text? It looks like this:Paste Button 1 This is the Paste Options button – your chance to be the boss!

Hover the mouse pointer over the button, notice a change in appearance and a drop-down arrow?


Click the drop-down arrow, and review your choices:


  • Keep the original formatting (not always a terrific idea given the questionable parentage of most documents);
  • Match the formatting in the document into which you pasted (this is a popular choice and can be a time saver);
  • Keep the text and throw away any formatting (for purists and worth it because it discards layers of old formatting code);
  • Apply a style or other formatting already in the document.

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