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April 9, 2006


Welcome to Tips, Tricks, and Techy Tidbits – a collection of software shortcuts and tips; links to various tech, tech-law, and law blogs; and whatever else interests me enough to pass on. The Pages links to the right take you to my business, ABC Consulting.

In early 2005 I left my role as Help Desk and Software Trainer at Cincinnati, Ohio’s oldest law firm and struck out on the solo consulting path. I am a software instructor, a “PC productivity coach”, and a big fan of being smart about how we work.

I represent the human side of technology.

My passion has always been people, how they learn, and how their needs are often unmet in the technological whirl. My entire career has been devoted to working with “end users” – coaching them in efficient use of the tech tools at their fingertips; hearing the questions unasked; developing training and materials that address processes and workflows, not just features, bells, and whistles.

A move from Cincinnati to rural North Carolina was in the offing, and a consultancy seemed a good thing (otherwise you’d find me at the check-out at our Lowes!) So began the great adventure – offering customized software training (and all that it entails) to law firms. Up went a website (now this blog) and in short order I offered a newsletter, which enjoyed a good reception.

But – I must confess – my addiction to reading, learning, and passing along information made it very difficult for me to constrain the newsletter to “Tips and Tricks”. In early 2006 I decided that since there was so much information to share, and since my audiences were divided between legal and non-legal users, it made sense to go the route of the blog.

2006 has been a very busy year. March has more open time than I’ve seen in awhile, so the blogging begins.

You’ll notice many posts are dated prior to March 2006. They are topics culled from past newsletters which seemed to generate a goodly response. Please take your time to browse, and offer feedback and critique.

Enjoy the day!

Anne Cornwell


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