Quick Excel Tips

July 17, 2006

A few Excel tips on a hot summer afternoon …

  • Press Alt + Enter to force a new line in a cell.
  • To quickly select all the cells in a spreadsheet, click the “cell” above the Row 1 cell, to the left of the Col A cell [see the fat plus sign in the screen cap below?]
    Or, use Ctrl + A , the universal Windows keyboard shortcut for Select All.
  • Quickly set column widths as wide as they need to be – place the mouse pointer between the column headings [see screen cap below] – and double-click.
    Select contiguous multiple columns by pressing and dragging the mouse across column headings – watch the pointer – it should take on the appearance of a downward pointing arrow.
    Select non-contiguous columns by holding down Ctrl key while using the mouse to select various columns.  Once the above selections have been made, you can set column widths as mentioned in the 1st part of this tip.

One Response to “Quick Excel Tips”

  1. […] This list of a few tips for Microsoft Excel should help you manipulate those legal spreadsheets with ease. My favorite one: Press Alt + Enter to force a new line in a cell. […]

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