Image files, especially digital photos, can be quite large. There are many ways to reduce the file size – some methods more exotic or cumbersome than others. If you’re looking for tips on quickly reducing the file size and sending the digital photos on their way, we’ve got two tips for you!

Method One
In Windows XP, open the folder where the photos are stored. You may have stored them in “My Pictures” folder, or sub-folders thereof.

Select the photo(s) you want to e-mail. (Reminder: to select more than one, press the CTRL key while you click multiple photos.) Read the rest of this entry »


You may want to print a Word document minus its tracked changes. You can do that – nothing to it! From the File menu, choose Print. Click the Print what list, and choose Document, instead of Document showing markup. It’s that easy! How many of never really look through various options in often used dialog boxes? This type of tip is my reminder to open my eyes and see more!