Quick Methods to Reduce Image Sizes for E-mail

January 9, 2007

Image files, especially digital photos, can be quite large. There are many ways to reduce the file size – some methods more exotic or cumbersome than others. If you’re looking for tips on quickly reducing the file size and sending the digital photos on their way, we’ve got two tips for you!

Method One
In Windows XP, open the folder where the photos are stored. You may have stored them in “My Pictures” folder, or sub-folders thereof.

Select the photo(s) you want to e-mail. (Reminder: to select more than one, press the CTRL key while you click multiple photos.)

Then, you can either A) right-click the selected file(s) and choose Send To, Mail Recipient; or B) choose E-mail this file (or E-mail this folder’s files or E-mail the selected items if you chose more than one file) from the File and Folder Tasks pane.

A dialog box named Send Pictures Via E-mail appears, with the Make all my pictures smaller option selected. You can click Show more options so you can be more more choosy about just how small the pictures will be. Make your choices – Small, Medium, or Large.

Click OK. Windows XP now switches to your default e-mail application. A new message is created, and smaller sized image file(s) are attched.

Method Two
If you use Outlook, start a new message, and attach image files.

Click the Attachment Options button. A pane opens with one section dedicated to Picture Options. You can use the Select picture size drop-down list to choose Small, Medium, Large or Don’t resize. Make your choice, finish the e-mail, and send it off! It’s that easy!


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