Popular keyboard shortcuts … quickly cycle through open Word documents.  Much faster than mousing around!

Ctrl + F6 (hold down the Ctrl key and then press the F6 key) cycles you “forwards” and Shift + Ctrl + F6 cycles you “backwards” through the stack of open Word docs.


Have you worked in a Word 2002 or 2003 document and noticed oddly named styles?

For example, a style named BodyText may exist – and you notice a style named BodyText + First line: 1″, or BodyText + Italic. Not only do the styles seem oddly named, but if you’re accustomed to working with the Styles and Formatting pane open it gets a bit crowded with all those variations on a style name.

What’s going on? What creates those styles? And, how could this be useful to you, or is this just one of Word’s diabolical evil ways?

Let’s look at Tools, Options, the Edit tab, Keep track of formatting.


The Keep track of formatting choice, when selected, is the setting that causes Word to create new style names when you manually format a paragraph already using a style.

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