Rick Borstein’s blog, Acrobat for Legal Professionals, is worth a visit.  Rick is a Business Development Manager specializing in the Acrobat-Legal Market for Adobe Systems Incorporated. He’s also an Adobe Certified Expert in Acrobat and a member of the American Bar Association and the International Legal Technology Association.

His June 16th post, Commenting on Image-only PDFs,  explores tools in Adobe Acrobat to help you comment and mark-up PDFs that are images only (not OCR’ed text.)  His example was medical records containing signatures and handwritten notes.  I can imagine IP and Real Estate being interested in his recommendations, since they often encounter image-only PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat is a rich program – you or someone in your office should learn as much about it as possible to get the most efficiency from it.


Rick Borstein of Adobe Systems, Inc. explains the use of the Typewriter tool in Adobe Acrobat 7 in April 2006 Law Practice Today article. The tool allows you to fill out forms not containing form fields for your input. He explains how to get the tool, how to use it, and how to enable the tool for users of the free Adobe Acrobat 7 Reader.

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I love this site!  PDF for Lawyers — How to use PDFs in the practice of law – Tips & Techniques  is devoted to  PDF.  Got a question about e-Filing, OCR, PDF,  digital signatures?  Start here.  Well written posts and excellent  links  make this a valuable PDF resource.