Image files, especially digital photos, can be quite large. There are many ways to reduce the file size – some methods more exotic or cumbersome than others. If you’re looking for tips on quickly reducing the file size and sending the digital photos on their way, we’ve got two tips for you!

Method One
In Windows XP, open the folder where the photos are stored. You may have stored them in “My Pictures” folder, or sub-folders thereof.

Select the photo(s) you want to e-mail. (Reminder: to select more than one, press the CTRL key while you click multiple photos.) Read the rest of this entry »


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From CIO Today, Microsoft Takes On Google and Yahoo With New Search Technology.  Windows Live Search will help users find information faster and organize it better.

No Longer a Secret

March 9, 2006

Windows Secrets Newsletter
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PC World recently named Windows Secrets Newsletter one of only 101 Internet sites with the “Best Free Stuff on the Web.” The editors gave this honor for the quality of the newsletter and the WinFind search engine, which gives you trusted Windows answers.

The “Right” Click

February 16, 2006

Have you noticed how often various tips suggest you right-click (aka as alternate-click)?

When you right-click a selection or an object, you’re presented with a shortcut menu. You’re exposed to many choices – and learn more, more efficiently, as you go. This is why I think right-clicking and using shortcut menus is so valuable.

Happy right-clicking!!!

A Clean Desktop!

December 15, 2005

Sometimes you need a clean desktop. I’m referring to your Windows desktop (although many of us like a clean work space as well!)

I present fairly often, using my laptop, and may not want my audience to view all the icons and shortcuts on my desktop. Or perhaps you need to take a screen shot and the desktop will be behind several dialog boxes. The screen shot would be very cluttered if it included all the desktop icons.

So … a quick way to clear the Windows desktop is needed. Right-click an empty spot (there is an empty spot, right?) on the desktop. On the shortcut menu, choose Arrange Icons By, then uncheck Show Desktop Items. Wait a few seconds … the desktop clears of icons and shortcuts. Neat! Reverse to reveal your icons.

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