I’m Anne B. Cornwell, an independent consultant dedicated to improving users’ performance with their computers, and the software and hardware tools they use to accomplish daily tasks. I live in Franklin, North Carolina and travel throughout the southeast, helping professionals and their staffs uncomplicate technology.

My 13 years experience as a software trainer and instructional designer at businesses and law offices revolve around my ability to listen actively to my clients and students. I strive to hear and then answer the questions unasked; to balance “getting the job done” with the time investment required to learn time-saving features; and I always honor the different ways adults learn.

I’ve coached and written for a wide variety of users:

  • the professional timekeeper who requires one-on-one attention and follow-up;
  • harried secretaries and assistants who have learned on the job yet must fine tune their use of the many tools at their disposal to become more efficient;
  • new users moving from a production environment to greater interaction with a PC who may feel uncomfortable learning PC related skills.

While delivering software training and help desk assistance, I’ve experienced first hand the frustrations of busy professionals and support staff who try to use technology to its best advantage. Time and again, sentiment seems to be, “Computers! Can’t live with ‘em! Can’t live without ‘em!” Occasionally, stronger words have been used! This experience puts me in the ideal position to help you.

Simply put, I represent the human side of the technology equation.

ABC Consulting
Toll free: 877.680.1989
E-mail: improve@abcornwell.com


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