Welcome to ABC Consulting…

… representing the human side of technology

Office technology purports to improve efficiency and sharpen your business’ competitive edge. Much time, money and effort is spent on technology – networks, servers, computers, scanners, printers, software. Yet you still may not be able to search for and locate important documents, coordinate your e-calendar, or attach a file to an e-mail.

Do you truly feel you realize the benefits technology promises you?

Why the disconnect between you and technology?

The human side of the technology equation – the training we need to successfully use technology – is left behind! We must be taught to use the appropriate tools the right way … training must be customized to address our specific needs … and it must be delivered when we need it in a form that works best for us.

I started ABC Consulting because I enjoy improving users’ relationship with technology. My primary focus is on technology training and PC productivity coaching for busy professionals; attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants; law firms and corporate legal departments; and their support staff. Contact me, Anne B. Cornwell, to learn more about my distinctive approach.

ABC Consulting
Toll free: 877.680.1989
E-mail: improve@abcornwell.com


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