Spell Check Your Spreadsheets

February 18, 2006

Did you know Excel has Spell Checking? You can use the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar, or from the Tools menu, choose Spelling.

F7 is the shortcut key to start Spell Checking (it works in Word and PowerPoint as well.)

If your Excel workbook contains multiple sheets, how can you be sure Spell Check works its way through all the sheets? Before you start Spell Checking, select all the worksheets. A quick way to do this is to right-click one of the sheet tabs and choose Select All Sheets. Then start Spell Checking.


The “Right” Click

February 16, 2006

Have you noticed how often various tips suggest you right-click (aka as alternate-click)?

When you right-click a selection or an object, you’re presented with a shortcut menu. You’re exposed to many choices – and learn more, more efficiently, as you go. This is why I think right-clicking and using shortcut menus is so valuable.

Happy right-clicking!!!

I use Mozilla‘s Firefox web browser, and like to check in on them every so often to see what’s new. There’s a new version of Firefox – version available for download. Read the rest of this entry »