Do’s and Don’ts

July 18, 2006

Allison C. Shields is the President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. and maintains a blog here.  Her article “Too Much To Do, Too Little Time” appears in July 2006 Law Practice TODAY.  The article’s aimed at attorneys but most of us could read it and learn from it. It reinforced for me the idea that it’s OK to say “No”, and to turn down clients who are more trouble than they’re worth.  Both notions were strange to me when I started on my own a year or so ago … but these are valuable lessons.

Give her blog a visit … and stop by Law Practice TODAY to catch her article and others in this Solo and Small Firm Issue.


In Litigating with Adobe Acrobat: Part 1,  Joe Kashi describes some of the ways Adobe Acrobat has helped his litigation practice grow.  He describes Adobe Acrobat as " … a transformational technology …"  Read more at Law Practice Today, and stay tuned for Joe's Part II.

There's a discussion over yonder at David Swanner's South Carolina Trial Law Blog around his February 8th post – How to Start a New Law Firm – involving Macs vs. PCs; case management software; and research needs. Useful stuff, this. Enjoy.