CNET reported on May 30 that researchers at eEye Digital Security discovered a vulnerability in Symantec's Client Security 3.1 and AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.1 software; the Norton line of consumer antivirus products remained unaffected. From eEye's website: "Description: A remotely exploitable vulnerability exists within the Symantec Antivirus program. This flaw does not require any end user interaction for exploitation and can compromise affected systems, allowing for the execution of malicious code with SYSTEM level access."

On May 31 CIO Today reported that the vulnerability had been patched.

Symantec has released Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) signatures via LiveUpdate for Symantec Client Security, to provide protection against the vulnerability.


Do you mute your cell and land line phone when you need to focus and gain some quality time for substantial work? Do you close your office door, tell your assistant you’d like not to be interrupted?

What about your e-mail? E-mail can be a considerable interruption if you let it. Do you truly need a new e-mail alert popping up or sounding off during those precious times of concentration? No you don’t, and you can turn off those alerts and never look back!

If you use Outlook 2003, here’s how … Read the rest of this entry »

You can ask Outlook to start up the way you want – displaying your Calendar, or For Followup folder, or … you name it. Follow these steps to make it so:

  1. From Outlook’s Tools menu, choose Options.
  2. Click the Other tab.
  3. Click the Advanced Options button.
  4. From Startup in this folder, click the Browse button.
  5. Navigate to desired folder, in example below we chose Calendar.
  6. Click OK, OK, OK. The next time you open Outlook it will open as you chose here!