Spyware Weekly is back!

July 17, 2006

My favorite newsletter, Spyware Weekly, is back.  Yayy!

Read or subscribe to Spyware Weekly at SpywareInfo.  SpywareInfo are hijackware and spyware removal specialists.  I’ve found the information shared on this site to be reliably top notch and timely.  There’s lots of background information for those who want to learn, and only excellent products are recommended.  Mike Healan’s opinions, rants and raves about privacy, security, and the state of computing are thought provoking, as well.

Welcome back Mike!


The Best Computer Tips and Software Deals on the Internet! Visit WorldStart’s home page and peruse their archived computer tips, newsletters, and software store. I receive their MS Office and Computer Tips newsletters and enjoy the variety of information and how well it’s presented.

No Longer a Secret

March 9, 2006

Windows Secrets Newsletter
You’ll find great tips on Microsoft Windows and much more when you sign up.

PC World recently named Windows Secrets Newsletter one of only 101 Internet sites with the “Best Free Stuff on the Web.” The editors gave this honor for the quality of the newsletter and the WinFind search engine, which gives you trusted Windows answers.

Spyware – stay informed

August 22, 2005

Visit SpywareInfo : Spyware and Hijackware Removal Specialists for a well rounded collection of independent news, links to articles and headlines about Spyware, and a newsletter to which you can subscribe, read at their site, or better yet, use their RSS feed.

Spyware Info is a PC Magazine Top 100 Sites You Can't Live Without site. Well done!